How Many Toxins Do You Think

As you’ll soon see, the answer is terrifying.

Hi, my name is Wendy Myers.

At age 37, I began to feel horrible and I couldn’t figure out why.

Six months earlier, I’d had a baby, and I was doing everything I possibly could to lose weight and get healthy.

rainy mood.

I was eating healthy low-carb foods.

I was taking amazing supplements.

I felt too tired to work out, but I still exercised religiously — sometimes as many as 8 hours a week.

I had a consistent routine. Nothing had changed.

And yet, every day I suffered from heavy brain fog.

I couldn’t focus, couldn’t think clearly, and even had trouble recalling information.

Normal everyday conversations were a struggle.

I wasn’t sleeping well, so I was exhausted all the time.

And I was feeling angry and frustrated — which is not part of my character.

To make matters worse, it was during this time that I discovered my father was dying.

It was one thing to ignore my own health problems and quietly suffer through them, but I could not stand by and watch my father die.

So I went on a mission to discover how I could help him.

Maybe, I thought, I would learn what was causing my health issues too.

I spent hours researching everything I could about his condition: what causes it, how to fight it, and more.

Unfortunately, it was too late to save my father.

But I had stumbled on some information that seemed like it could help with some of the health issues I was dealing with.

I Got Tested And The Results Were Shocking


When the results came back, my doctor was shocked.

My labs showed my liver, thyroid, and adrenal glands were not working properly —
and I had many of the same problems you’d normally find in a menopausal woman.

All of which was a big surprise to me since I was still three years from the big 4-0.

Once the shock wore off, one BIG question remained…

Why was my body so out of whack?

In doing research for my father, I learned about a hair mineral analysis that tested for heavy metals.
I thought, “What do I have to lose?”

So I took the tests and sent them in.

And the results of those tests absolutely floored me.

Suddenly, it was crystal clear why I was sick in spite of all my efforts to be healthy. You see…

My Body Was Not Detoxing
The Way It Should

In spite of taking perfect care of myself - the perfect organic diet, freshly prepared food, the highest quality supplements, exercise and low stress, I had overlooked this crucial aspect of health - DETOX.

It just hadn’t occurred to me before.

It was clear my liver was overwhelmed and unable to handle all the harmful substances my body was being exposed to.

And all this junk was responsible for screwing up my body and making me sick.

At first, I was in denial.

I didn’t even know that my body could hold onto toxins like that.

Then, as I began to process this new information, I started to blame myself and beat myself up.

sad girl.

Where had I been exposed?

Had I just been irresponsible with my diet and my environment?

Could I have done things differently to avoid this toxic build-up?

Much to my relief, I discovered that it wasn’t really my fault.

And please let me reassure you…

If you’ve been exposed to harmful substances like I was, it’s not your fault either.

Because it’s impossible to avoid toxins, especially in this day and age.

Right now, there are nearly 80,000 chemicals being used commercially in the U.S. alone.

Worse, the average person is exposed to hundreds if not thousands of toxic chemicals on a daily basis…

For example, the average American woman puts 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body every day.

That doesn’t even include the harmful substances found in the food we eat, the water we drink, or the air we breathe.

The truth is that you are being bombarded with toxins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter if you’re awake or sleeping.

Common sources
of toxins

And that’s just the start!

Believe it or not, this list barely scratches the surface.

It’s bad enough that toxins are everywhere.

But the real bad news is how these toxins affect your body.

Under normal circumstances, your gut, liver, and kidneys work hard to flush out toxins.







And your body keeps up… until it doesn’t.

You need to keep your body strong and healthy so it’s able to defend against the constant stream of “invaders.”

Unfortunately, for many people like me, their bodies just can’t keep up with the toxic load of daily life.

The toxins are coming in faster than your liver and body can process and remove them.

The fancy word for this is…


And guess what?

The bioaccumulation of toxins in the body often leads to fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, allergies, and many other “hard to diagnose” health issues.

tired woman.


brain fog.

brain fog

weight gain.

weight gain



Stored toxins can also mess up your hormonesincluding estrogen, thyroid, and cortisol — making it almost impossible to lose weight.

Now you might be tempted to think that this is all just theory. Can healthy organs really keep harmful substances from being stored in the body?

Sadly, the answer is yes.

These excess toxins are usually locked up inside fat cells, but can also be found in blood, bones, and connective tissues.

In fact, a review of the scientific literature reveals up to 420 carcinogens have been detected in people through biomonitoring studies.

The carcinogens came from a wide variety of sources, including industrial processes, metal mining, commercial products, pesticides, and naturally occurring materials.

Even large scale studies confirm the presence of dangerous chemicals in the body.

In one study of 10,000 people, researchers discovered 70 percent had “forever chemicals” present in their blood from fast-food wrappers and non-stick cookware.

Even worse, the FDA concluded in 2018 that these same “forever chemicals” are more dangerous than they previously thought.

Now this raises
an important point:

Some Toxins Stick Around
MUCH Longer than Others!

This is why there is such great risk of health problems even with low-level exposure to certain chemicals.

Every heavy metal has what’s called a half-life. This is the length of time it takes for a heavy metal present in your body to be cut in half.

heavy metal.

For example, the half-life of mercury in blood is about 70 days.

Lead, which is a neurotoxin, has a half-life of about 30 days in blood — but up to 30 years in bones.

Cadmium has a half-life of around 128 days in blood and up to 16 years in the body.

This is why it’s so important to avoid these toxins in the first place and keep your organs healthy.

Of course, it’s not just heavy metals you have to worry about.

Dioxins are considered persistent environmental pollutants, and they are unavoidable since they’re in the food supply.


In fact, because dioxins are absorbed by fat tissue, they actually build up in the food supply.

This means, the higher up you are on the food chain, the more dioxins you consume.

And the more they accumulate in your body, especially your body fat!

To make matters worse, dioxins have a half-life up to 11 years.

So the dioxins you’re consuming today could literally stay in your body for decades.

Now That’s Scary!

What happens when all these heavy metals, chemicals, and toxins build up in your body?

Chances are you will suddenly start to have mysterious health issues that you can’t explain.

That’s because toxins in the body can manifest in many different ways, depending on your unique biology, genetics and risk factors.

Common Signs That Toxins
Are Affecting Your Health Include

  • You might experience brain fog — a “heaviness” in your head that prevents you from being able to think clearly.
  • You might feel overly tired and fatigued — even though you’re getting 8+ hours of sleep every night.
  • You might have persistent skin problems like blemishes or acne.
  • You might have food sensitivities or allergy-like symptoms even when pollen counts are low.
  • You might experience sudden weight gain of 10 lbs or more.
  • You might have imbalances that cause hot flashes, mood swings, and irregular cycles.
  • Or… you might find yourself unable to lose weight no matter how much you diet and exercise.

These are just some of the dozens of problems my customers have reported.

Not only that, I’ve experienced many of these symptoms myself!

As You Get Older, Your Liver Needs More Support To Detox Toxins


You can’t escape toxins.

It’s just not possible.

And over time, your liver has a harder time getting rid of toxins on its own.

Of course, if you don’t know about toxins and “bioaccumulation,” you’ll never know it’s a problem.

It will remain a mystery.

And you won’t know what to do about it.

But that’s why I’m here… to help you understand how to keep your liver strong — no matter your age!

So how did I begin to ensure that
my liver was doing its job properly?

First, I detoxed my body. What does that mean exactly?

That means I ate certain foods and followed certain protocols to help my body release and flush out the toxins.


Now if you start researching, you’ll quickly discover there are all kinds of different ways to detox.

Some of them are extreme and can really only be done a couple of times a year.

But you’ll quickly find that you can’t keep up with extreme detoxes and cleanses.

They’re just too time-consuming, too expensive, and… (I’m almost embarrassed to say it)... too messy.

This is the place I found myself in.

I knew I could not escape from toxins… and I also knew I needed to detox regularly to maintain my health.

But all the “solutions” I found felt like something I could not keep doing regularly.

And that’s the problem…

You’re Exposed to Toxins Daily.
So You Need to Detox Daily.

happy couple.

Detoxing daily is the missing piece of the puzzle that most people don’t have.

But once that piece falls into place, many of your issues may begin to fade and even disappear.

And suddenly you’ll be enjoying peak energy, mental clarity, and even a healthier weight.

Of course, I still faced the problem of HOW to do daily detoxes. There was no product that did what I wanted.

Long story short, I decided to create my own detox formula based on specific plants and herbs that are scientifically proven to support the liver and kidneys — the primary organs responsible for removing toxins from the body.

I made sure my formula was not only super-effective, but also gentle enough that it could be used daily.

Naturally, I called it…

“Daily Detox”

happy couple.

So what is Daily Detox?

Simply this.

It’s a powerful “detox cocktail you can drink morning
or night to keep your body clean, energy high, and
mind clear…

WITHOUT fasting, dieting, or doing anything extreme.

Simply mix it into a glass of water or a smoothie in seconds
and enjoy.

Drinking Daily Detox will support your body as it naturally flushes out any toxins that you’re exposed to.

What’s more, it will help you quickly process and eliminate the toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis so they never have a chance to build up.

So instead of waiting months and then doing an extreme cleanse or detox…

Now you can enjoy Daily Detox to feel good 24/7 and maximize your health and energy.

Liver Cleanse
in a Bottle?

To be more specific, Daily Detox is a proprietary blend of plants, herbs, and spices all designed to help your body detox naturally.

Before I tell you what’s in it, it’s important to understand that your body detoxifies itself through 2 primary channels…

No matter which channel is used, it all starts in the liver!

What’s more, there are three phases involved in the detox process.

Most supplements start and stop at Phase 1. You might think you’re getting a complete detox, but you’re not.

Daily Detox, on the other hand, supports the liver, gut, and kidneys
through all THREE Phases of detoxification…

And don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what these words mean.

The important thing to understand is that Daily Detox fully supports the liver, gut, and kidneys through the entire detoxification process.

So your liver quickly flushes out harmful substances the way it’s supposed to.

Daily Detox Harnesses The Nutritional Power Of 29 Superfoods For Your Liver

(And Combines Them All Into 1 Drink)

Daily Detox contains 29 superfoods to help your body detox while supporting your immunity and energy levels.

You’ll notice that 5 of these superfoods are also fermented. This is an additional step in the manufacturing process that makes Daily Detox so unique from other formulas.

Fermentation is a process that unlocks the full potential of these superfoods by making the nutrients more bioavailable, more digestible, and more flavorful.

Bottom line: Your body will be able to fully digest and absorb these fermented foods for maximum benefit.

With that in mind, here are the five different “blends” you’ll find in Daily Detox…

Organic Detox &

broccoli sprouts.

Broccoli Sprouts

The highest quality fermented organic broccoli sprouts are at the heart of Daily Detox. Broccoli sprouts are the #1 detox food on the planet and are a rich natural source of sulforaphane. At least 631 studies show that sulforaphane aids detox, protects cells, supports healthy aging, promotes immunity, and even supports normal cell growth.

Fermented Alfalfa Grass.

Alfalfa Grass

Studies show alfalfa grass is a nutritious and potent detoxifier. It helps with both liver function and blood cleansing, which can help you feel better faster.

Fermented Barley Grass.

Barley Grass

Barley grass powder is a potent cellular detox agent — which is critical for reducing the daily burden on your liver.



Research shows that an antioxidant in parsley (apigenin) regulates immune function by supporting normal inflammatory responses and preventing cellular damage. It also supports liver health. Daily Detox uses dried organic parsley juice, so it’s even more concentrated!



A wide body of research has shown chlorella to act as a potent detoxifier, especially for its ability to support the normal “flushing action” of the liver.

Aloe Vera Leaf.

Aloe Vera Leaf

The ancients called aloe vera "the plant of immortality". Dating back to 4000 BC, the entire plant was revered as an herbal medicine chest. Research shows it can greatly aid digestion, detoxification, and gut repair.

Hebridean Seaweed.

VitaKelp® Hebridean Seaweed

VitaKelp® is a potent source of iodine, which is an essential mineral for normal thyroid function, energy metabolism, neurological development, and breast health. It’s also been shown to inhibit fat gain, suggesting its potential use as a weight management tool.



Celery has powerful antioxidant activity. Some early studies show celery can help maintain a healthy bacterial balance to help support the immune system. Plus celery is rich in minerals, one of the main keys needed for normal liver function.

Organic Liver



If you’ve exposed your liver to a poor diet… stress… alcohol… or other factors over the years, beets and the green leaves from beets have been shown to promote the growth of healthy liver tissue.

Fermented Turmeric.

Fermented Turmeric

Turmeric has had over 1,000 studies conducted on it. The active compounds in turmeric (curcuminoids) have been shown to help with promoting a healthy inflammation response, normal aging, occasional pain, maintaining brain health, and you guessed it — immunity support (through the activation of T cells, B cells, macrophages, neutrophils, and natural killer cells). Our organic fermented turmeric in Daily Detox is highly absorbable.

Dandelion Root.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion is long associated with liver health. It also boosts bile flow (bile is a powerful toxin binder). Science shows it has at least 13 researched benefits, including: promoting normal inflammation, maintaining healthy blood sugar balance, and aiding weight loss.

Milk thistle.

Milk Thistle
Seed Extract

Milk thistle is a prickly plant rich in something called silymarin — which has powerful studies showing it can help protect the liver from damage from toxins.

Burdock Root.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is another powerful detoxifier and blood builder that studies show can help with maintaining a healthy inflammation response.

Dulse and Kelp Seaweed.

Dulse and
Kelp Seaweed

Micronutrient deficiencies are common, but dulse and kelp will help you replenish iodine and vital minerals no longer in our soil. Iodine is critical for your body to be able to naturally remove chlorine and fluoride. Kelp and dulse also contain alginates that bind to heavy metals.

Immunity Blend



Studies have repeatedly demonstrated cordyceps as powerful immune modulators, helping the body respond to foreign threats faster and more vigorously than it would on its own. For example, a recent double-blind clinical trial showed cordyceps to increase “natural killer” immune cell activity by 17.6%.



In addition to its ability to support healthy bacterial balance as an immune system regulator, Reishi is also known to support normal cell growth by promoting cellular and humoral immunity.


Himematsutake (Agaricus)

A staple of the traditional Brazillian diet, the Himematsutake mushroom contains special compounds called ‘glucans’ that stimulate production of critical immune factors like antibodies and T-cells. Furthermore, these compounds have been shown to actively promote healthy bacterial balance.



Another rich source of natural glucans, Shiitake mushroom has repeatedly been proven as a robust, fast-acting regulator of immune function. In a randomized study of 52 healthy adults, Shiitake consumption had the unique result of supporting immune function, especially in the gut, while maintaining a healthy level of inflammation even in the context of an elevated immune response..



Similar to Reishi, Maitake’s immunomodulatory effect not only helps promote healthy bacterial balance but presents promising healthy cell growth support as well. Researchers have shown Maitake can support the body’s own immune system to protect healthy cells from abnormal development and promote healthy new cell growth.

Turkey Tail.

Turkey Tail

Used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Turkey Tail contains potent polysaccharide compounds that deliver broad immune support in three major ways: upregulating “natural killer” cells, enhancing T-cell activity, and increasing immune-regulating cytokines.

Superfood Blend

Coconut Water.

Coconut Water

Like a sports drink, coconut water contains five main electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium. This supports your body’s mineral replenishment, which is an overlooked key to flushing out harmful substances naturally and detoxing more efficiently. Coconut water also helps keep kidneys clear while supporting healthy blood sugar levels.



Moringa supports healthy immune system responses. Studies show it can help with maintaining a normal inflammatory response, support healthy blood sugar balance, as well as promote the normal detox of harmful substances.

Pomegranate Fruit Extract.

Fruit Extract

Pomegranate is one of the richest sources of antioxidants found anywhere in nature. Pomegranate contains both punicalagins (which has protective properties) and punicic acid (a conjugated linoleic acid compound that has been shown to help metabolism and weight loss).



A delicious superfood berry from the Amazon, acai is one of nature’s most powerful cleansing agents. Human studies are already showing the body absorbs a tremendous amount of age-defying antioxidants from acai.

Organic Metabolic

Fermented Ginger.

Fermented Ginger

Ginger has powerful antioxidant properties and supports both liver and kidney health. Ginger also prevents fat storage in the liver. In addition, ginger has been shown to support healthy digestion, boost memory, enhance fat-loss, promote healthy blood sugar balance… and even keep your heart healthy.



Cinnamon, while seemingly ordinary, is one of the most potent blood sugar regulators in existence. Remember, healthy blood sugar management is critical for stable energy and healthy weight maintenance (avoiding insulin spikes).

Green Tea Leaf.

Green Tea
Leaf Extract

Studies show the super-high polyphenol content and catechins in green tea increases metabolism. One study showed that those who consumed green tea and caffeine lost an average of 2.9 pounds during a 12-week period.

Fiber Blend

Agave Inulin.

Agave Inulin

Agave inulin is a prebiotic soluble fiber that helps transport toxins out of the body, as well as stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the colon. Research shows that inulin can also reduce appetite and help with weight control.


Flaxseed Fiber

Flaxseed fiber contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps stimulate bowel movements and the regular removal of waste — an important part of Phase 3 detoxing.

Now, with 29 different ingredients, you’re probably wondering…

“Does Daily Detox
Taste Any Good?”

And the answer is…

Yes, absolutely!

In fact, this is why Daily Detox has quickly become one of the leading detox formulas on the market…

Not only does it work as promised, it also tastes amazing!

I guarantee it’s the best tasting superfoods formula on the market today.

When you stir a scoop into a glass of water, you’ll notice it has a brownish green color due to the turmeric and fermented ingredients.

product collage.
product collage.

And when you drink it, you’ll be delighted that it tastes like a spiced tea with a light sweetness to it.

Many of our customers LOVE the flavor and are thrilled it’s not like normal greens drinks.

Oh, and it’s slightly sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, so there’s ZERO sugar.

That means you can enjoy Daily Detox even if you’re following a strict ketogenic or low-carb diet.

Daily Detox Has Helped Thousands Of People Strengthen Their Livers & Avoid Toxic Bioaccumulation

I’m so thankful for all the positive feedback I’ve received from Daily Detox customers. Here’s what some of them are saying…


Makes Me Feel Energized

I love starting my day with my Daily Detox drink. It makes me feel energized. It is a great and tasty way to detoxify my body every day!

- Marie H.


My Abdominal Pain Has

I have been using daily detox for about a year. I have been diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver. I used to feel pain in my abdominal area, however, after taking the daily detox the pain has disappeared and I have been able to lose weight. I love it!

- Libia M.


Very Easy to Use

I found daily detox very easy to use, just one spoonful everyday and I could tell the difference.

- Teri T.


Good for My Liver & Tastes Great

Daily Detox powder tastes great and it is so easy to drink! I can't take a product that does not taste good. I can drink Daily Detox any time (I usually mix in hot water and drink like tea) and I am glad to have found something that is good for my liver and taste great at the same time!

- Syanne S.


Feels Great to Detox

This powder actually tastes good and it feels great to detox my body so easily.

- Deborah H.

Are these people that much different than you? No, not really. They simply decided to try Daily Detox for themselves and are now enjoying the benefits.

Now let me ask you a question.

What would it be worth to you to keep your energy at peak levels… to be free of brain fog… to watch your skin improve and waistline shrink?

What would it be worth to you to help your liver keep your body toxin-free and know that you’re getting closer to your full potential every day?

That would be worth a lot, wouldn’t it?


Think about this for a minute. There are literally hundreds of…

If you purchased all of these separately, you’d spend a small fortune and you still wouldn’t get all the benefits of Daily Detox.

That’s because Daily Detox is like having at least FIVE different products in one.

Unlike most supplements, it truly addresses the underlying root causes of many common symptoms that people suffer from.

So when you take Daily Detox, you’ll enjoy energy, mental clarity, glowing skin, and a slimmer waistline as your body finally releases stubborn fat that your body couldn’t let go of.

The good news is, you won’t pay anywhere close to what you’d pay to get all these health benefits from five separate products.

In fact, by taking action TODAY, you’ll save up to 34% when you try Daily Detox for yourself. Even better, you’ll also be protected by my…

Try Daily Detox Risk Free For 60 Days!

I’m confident Daily Detox will help you detox effectively — day in and day out.

And I’m confident you’ll experience renewed energy, greater mental clarity, and potentially rapid weight loss.

That’s why I invite you to try Daily Detox 60 days risk-free to see for yourself how effective it is for helping you maintain absolutely optimal health.

Woman. money-back-badge.

Here’s how it works…

Go ahead and place your order today.

Enjoy Daily Detox every morning or night and watch as your energy levels come back, your brain fog lifts, your skin improves, and you start to feel young again.

If at any time you decide you don’t love Daily Detox and the results it’s delivering...

Just send back your bottles — even if they’re empty — within 60 days of purchasing…

And you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.

That’s how confident I am that you’ll LOVE Daily Detox and the cleansing, energy-enhancing, metabolism-boosting benefits that it helps you experience.

When you order Daily Detox risk-free today, I’ll also include…

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Act Now to Start Detoxing
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Now I can’t promise that you’ll lose weight or that you’ll have the same experience I did. After all, we’re two different people.

But I can promise you that Daily Detox will help you support your all-important natural detox system… and help you stay vibrant and healthy in our toxic modern world.

Because diet and exercise many find are not enough. They are missing that last piece of the puzzle - DETOX.

So go ahead and review your options below and place your order to try Daily Detox risk-free for 60 days.

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I look forward to hearing about your results!


Wendy Myers, FDN-P

P.S. Due to the pandemic, I must warn you that there have been some serious supply chain issues to get all the high quality ingredients necessary to make Daily Detox.

So if you want to try Daily Detox, I urge you to place your order today… and… STOCK UP if you can!

rainy mood.

30 Day Supply

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